Marketing Daily
Monday, April 22, 2013
  • Haagen-Dazs Gelato Launch Uses 'La Dolce Vita' Theme

    Haagen-Dazs -- the ice cream brand with the Danish-sounding name that was actually created by a Polish immigrant in the Bronx in 1961 -- … Read the whole story

  • Heineken, Cadillac Among Tribeca Film Festival Sponsors

    Heineken has partnered with Vulture and 'New York Magazine' to back five Tribeca Film Festival films -- "Flex Is Kings," "Lenny Cooke," "The Moment," … Read the whole story

  • Boston Accent: Brands Should Speak, But Softly

    As Boston residents settle back into their daily routines, a handful of marketers are already way out in front in terms of speaking to … Read the whole story

  • Research Firm Concludes: Top Brands Need Love

    The results in Vision Critical's Brand Equity Relationship Assessment findings put Costco, Cisco, and Movado at the top three positions. After that are Columbia, … Read the whole story

  • Netflix, Hulu Views Rise With Affluent Consumers

    Demographic findings are increasingly critical for marketers as all consumers spend more time watching premium fare online. YouTube continues to attract the lion's share … Read the whole story

  • Cable News - What A Blunderful World

    There are many explanations for this world of blunder. One is the idiotic value placed on being first with a shard of previously unreported … Read the whole story

  • Ship And Bones: Where's The Beef?

    The scarily witless and embarrassing tagline for the new KFC boneless chicken product is boneheaded. What a strange way to go about announcing the … Read the whole story

  • The Art of Controllership

    The more we understand about the various parts of a business, the more we know about the sum of these parts combined and how … Read the whole story