Marketing Daily
Thursday, August 29, 2013
  • Performance 'Rush' For Chrysler's SRT

    This time, the automaker has its high-performance marque SRT (Street & Racing Technology) under the klieg lights. The deal with Universal Pictures involves the ... Read the whole story

  • Partners Onboard For 'Wizard Of Oz' Anniversary

    Warner Bros.' home video division will spend an estimated $25 million on marketing, advertising and promotional efforts touting the film's anniversary with a bevy ... Read the whole story

  • Popeyes Fans Submit Singing Videos

    Fans can submit short (maximum 30 seconds) videos of themselves singing the chain's "Love That Chicken from Popeyes" jingle via YouTube, Vine or Instagram, ... Read the whole story

  • Purina One Invites Food Bowl Creativity

    Purina One is calling on cat lovers to create and share do-it-yourself puzzle feeder projects to help enrich the feeding experiences of cats. Designs ... Read the whole story

  • Lenovo Ups NFL Fantasy Stakes

    Lenovo is hosting a "Fantasy Coach of the Year" contest, through which one coach will get the chance to not only attend this year's ... Read the whole story

  • Different Ethnic Groups Overlap Brand Preference, But Auto Stands Alone

    Ethnic groups can share brand likes, but the most diversity in ethnic brand preferences was seen in the automotive category, where there was no ... Read the whole story

  • The Future Is Customer Experience Management

    Customer experience management begins with a change in mindset, but that's just the beginning. The opportunity and rewards are substantial for organizations that recognize ... Read the whole story