Marketing Daily
Friday, October 18, 2013
  • Subway's Ads Ranked Highest Among Restaurants

    Subway, Olive Garden and Sonic Drive-In are ranked highest by consumers when it comes to the effectiveness of their ads, according to a new ... Read the whole story

  • Nissan Genetic (Passion) Engineering For Versa Note

    Nissan is continuing its campaign for the Versa Note compact with a pair of social media campaigns continuing its message to Millennials that the ... Read the whole story

  • Same Phones, Different Carriers, Varied Satisfaction

    Consumers who have the same smartphone but are using different wireless carriers have different satisfaction levels, indicating there's more to being happy than just ... Read the whole story

  • Customers Are Real Energy Monsters, Says PECO

    Having previously characterized aging or inefficient appliances as energy-wasting monsters, Philadelphia power company PECO is now pointing to consumers as being the next generation ... Read the whole story

  • Study: Younger Consumers Favor High Tech In Cars

    Older consumers may have the cash for more sophisticated technology, but younger consumers actually want it more, and are willing to pay for it ... Read the whole story

  • It's Only Natural -- Or Is It?

    Why introduce a child to snacks and foods that aren't truly good for you, and that aren't the real deal? Why take fruits and ... Read the whole story