Marketing Daily
Friday, September 19, 2014
  • Nissan Signs Up As Exclusive Sponsor Of 'The Voice'

    It will sponsor "The Voice Official App," designed to deliver content and act as a fan participation vehicle. Principally, according to the automaker, it … Read the whole story

  • CE Buyers Like To Go In-Store To Buy

    When it comes to product awareness, news and reviews and word-of-mouth drives initial awareness, followed by brand advertising. When it comes to additional research, … Read the whole story

  • Toys R Us Targets Tweens With Claire's Combo

    In the midst of a sweeping turnaround, Toys R Us is tapping a new segment for sales growth: Tween girls and their never-ending need … Read the whole story

  • FirstBank Targets Mid-Sized Business

    The commercial draws a line between fame (nowadays) and legacy. Its first half, culled from the Internet, is comprised of "fails" such as a … Read the whole story

  • ConAgra Cross-Pollinates Promotions, Digital Teams

    With technology, demographics and economic trends driving a revolution in shopping behavior, it's never been more important to maximize learning and skills across marketing … Read the whole story

  • Football Advertisers Kvetch, But Won't Punt

    National consumer brands should pull advertising. Really? Where else will brands go to get TiVo-proof viewers? Read the whole story

  • Retailer Attribution

    As the 2014 holiday season approaches, marketing attribution remains a problem for many retailers. Fortunately, there are ways to get a better picture of … Read the whole story

  • Florida Citrus Receives Superhero Help From Marvel

    The FDOC's partnership with Marvel includes a print comic book distributed free to one million children in schools across the country this fall, as … Read the whole story