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Monday, October 20, 2014
  • Smartphone Satisfaction Tied To Operating System

    "To get ahead of the competition and satisfy customers, manufacturers must meet and exceed the expectations of customers, ensuring the OS allows the device's ... Read the whole story

  • Keurig Sweeps Offers Coffee Date With Donnie Wahlberg

    The cafe includes lounges, free beverage bars and photo-sharing opportunities. Celebrity "influencers" (including Jaime Primak of Bravo's "Jersey Belle" and Stefanie Ziev, "America's Life ... Read the whole story

  • Online Retailers Positioned To Take Bite Out Of Pet Sales

    "To successfully compete with the likes of Amazon, traditional big-box pet retailers need to effectively leverage their brick-and-mortar store network as a competitive advantage ... Read the whole story

  • For JetBlue, T-Mobile And Bank Of America, Growth Means Redefining The Reviled

    This year's Association of National Advertisers' Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando has been about growth. For a few represented brands, however, it has ... Read the whole story

  • In 'Surrender Or Fight' Moment, Target Chooses To Fight

    At the Association of National Marketers' Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando on Friday, Jones opened up about the fight to reassert the brand, ... Read the whole story

  • Someone Please, Please Whelm Me

    Let's just say the future of TV is pretty well established by now. The news that HBO is untethering itself from exclusive cable distribution ... Read the whole story

  • Tiers Are Falling

    Thanks to Big Data, and innovative companies like J.D. Powers & Associates and Polk making smart connections between buyers and sellers, digital auto marketing ... Read the whole story