Marketing Daily
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
  • Hot Spot: In Old Spice Nightmare, Crews Marries Self

    Why so serious, football fans? #Deflategate drama getting you down? Old Spice has the answer: It has released its Pre Super Bowl ad, the ... Read the whole story

  • Coke Airing Super Bowl Ad Teasers on TV; Also Offering Supporting Videos Online

    The goals of the ad are nothing less than to "tackle the pervasive negativity polluting social media feeds and comment threads across the Internet" ... Read the whole story

  • Car Owners Like Connected-Vehicle Features, But Only 30% Have Them

    In a recent study, Nielsen found that 39% of the 44% of consumers who plan to buy a new car in the next two ... Read the whole story

  • Whirlpool Asks Fans To Sing Caregivers' Praises

    "We believe that behind every chore is an act of love," Jon Hall, senior brand manager for Whirlpool, tells "Marketing Daily." "Whether big or ... Read the whole story

  • Average Super Bowl Spending To Be $77.88

    The survey, based on more than 6,000 responses from adults, conducted the week before the #Deflategate scandal exploded, found that 43 million people are ... Read the whole story

  • Merrell, Oculus Rift Take Virtual Hike Through Sundance

    The immersive experience is the first-ever commercial use of this "in motion" virtual reality, says Jamie Mandor, global brand marketing lead for Merrell. "Merrell ... Read the whole story

  • Beauty And The Geek

    Digital marketing departments are often faced with what seems like an unfavorable trade-off: use visually appealing brand ads to increase awareness and shape perception, ... Read the whole story