Marketing Daily
Thursday, July 16, 2015
  • Macy's, Target Ready Fresh Fashion Takes For BTS

    For Macy's, the emphasis is on 1970s bohemian looks, denim-on-denim and plenty of "athleisure" offerings. And for Target, it's chic comfort, served up by … Read the whole story

  • Diet Coke Partners With Fashion Designer

    Diet Coke is collaborating with British fashion brand J.W.Anderson. Designs will be unveiled in late July and the collection will feature two limited-edition designer … Read the whole story

  • Blue Moon Celebrates 20th Under Real Blue Moon

    The events will be timed so that at 10 pm local at each location there will be an official toast. In Denver that night, … Read the whole story

  • Lexus Features 'SNL' Writers In L/Studio Series

    Called, "Hudson Valley Ballers," the first season of which premiered two years ago on comedy site Above Average, the eight-episode series has the two … Read the whole story

  • Why Aren't We Talking About Marketing's Talent Gap?

    We need to focus on the talent executing hybrid strategies within marketing's new normal. The fact is, CMOs are lacking teams with the right … Read the whole story

  • Commerce House Gets Creative For SodaStream

    SodaStream has selected Dallas-based agency Commerce House for a TV campaign to continue to reposition the in-home beverage machine away from soda to sparkling … Read the whole story