Marketing Daily
Tuesday, July 26, 2016
  • Lincoln Opens 'Experience Center'

    Ford Motor Company's Lincoln brand has made its "largest investment ever" in personalized experiences and service for consumers, known as "The Lincoln Way." Read the whole story

  • Alphabet, Apple, Amazon Are Innovative B2B Brands

    While the top 20 list includes many consumer brands, this year's list also includes some new brands that are true B2B plays, Brand Keys' ... Read the whole story

  • Visa, Pepsi Discuss How To Attract Consumers

    Marketing executives from companies including Visa, PepsiCo and Johnson & Johnson were tapped by the Chief Marketing Officer Council to explore how brands can ... Read the whole story

  • CPGs Face More Negative Consumer Sentiment Post Election

    Consumers' negative outlook regardless of the outcome "will absolutely impact retailers and CPG manufacturers, as they brace for a tightening of the purse strings." Read the whole story

  • Can You Hear Me Now: The 'Wunder' Of Hearing Aids

    With its agency Wunderman Health, Miracle-Ear is introducing a new campaign that aims to destigmatize hearing aids and address common stereotypes preventing many seniors ... Read the whole story

  • Pokemon Go Highlights Shifts In Augmented Reality

    While Pokemon Go is giving users an interactive experience in their daily lives, my fear is that AR and VR will follow the well-worn ... Read the whole story