Marketing Daily
Friday, September 23, 2016
  • Kia Targets Millennials With Short Attention Spans

    "Whenever we can make people laugh and associate good feelings with our brand, that's a plus," Kia Marketing Director Kimberly Gardiner tells "MediaPost." Read the whole story

  • Damn, Daniel! LG Smooths Out Viral Hit

    "We often get asked to [create] viral videos. But it doesn't really work like that," says Rob Zuurbier, partner and managing director at SuperHeroes … Read the whole story

  • Holiday Forecast Says E-Commerce To Gain 17%

    Steady gains in the economy and a beefy labor outlook are fueling the gains, and consumers aren't likely to let the Presidential elections dampen … Read the whole story

  • Popular Cheetos Museum Promo Rejiggered For Halloween

    A "Cheetos Museum" contest run over the summer proved a big hit - and the brand announced the next variation on the contest on … Read the whole story

  • Wells Fargo, Samsung Face Scrutiny

    "Based on historical data on major crises we've tracked for nearly 10 years, some brands may take much longer than others to recover," says … Read the whole story

  • Halloween Spending Passes $8.4 Boo-Billion

    Second-hand stores are also a big destination for costume shoppers, and a new survey from Savers says that surprisingly, it's the 35 to 44 … Read the whole story