Marketing Daily
Friday, March 31, 2017
  • Intel Uses LeBron James To Show Off Replay Technology

    This isn't the first time the company has featured sports stars in spots. Previous efforts with Tom Brady and Michael Phelps "have surpassed every … Read the whole story

  • Lululemon Looks To New Marketing To Chase Blahs Away

    "Through these disruptive and innovative campaigns, we will strengthen our guest loyalty, while also inspiring millions of new guests to join our growing collective." Read the whole story

  • Lexus, Honda Know How To Pull A Prank

    Lexus rolled out the "Lexus Lane Valet" on Thursday morning. If you've ever been stuck behind an obtuse driver who won't get out of … Read the whole story

  • Panera Posts All Drinks' Sugar Info As It Promotes Its Own New Drinks

    Posting added sugar content for all beverages in its cafes, and challenging competitors to be "transparent," underscores its own new drinks' healthier profiles. Read the whole story

  • Another Cubs Win: MLB Replaces NFL As No. 1 In Fan Loyalty Index

    The Cubs' World Series win was a motivating factor in MLB's rise, just as the NFL's current status of franchise relocation was a big … Read the whole story

  • Ad Blocking Is An Opportunity, Not An Obstacle

    A technology arms race is not the answer; we need to be thinking smarter, not harder. Read the whole story

  • Victoria Celebrates Mexican Weather

    Constellation Brands is introducing the second phase of its multi-faceted campaign to promote Victoria, considered Mexico's oldest beer. Read the whole story