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Thursday, April 20, 2017
  • Birchbox, Now In The Black, Intros New Ads

    While the TV spot features small segments from a variety of women, the campaign includes longer videos of each one, which are scheduled to … Read the whole story

  • Dos Equis Taps TV, Sweeps, Questlove For Cinco de Mayo

    The character is shown winning a hot pepper-eating contest with a tough-as-nails-looking dude. In the longer version, "The Man's" feisty female companion also demonstrates … Read the whole story

  • Is This Marijuana's Branding Breakout Year?

    The suit-filled investors' conference I attended in New York City recently placed a focus on marketing and getting around the "reputational risk" of becoming … Read the whole story

  • BMW Helps National Parks Go Electric

    The first of up to 100 electric vehicle charging stations in national parks and nearby communities was switched on Wednesday at Thomas Edison National … Read the whole story

  • Los Angeles Proclaims 'Everyone Is Welcome'

    "We are uniquely positioned to deliver a message of welcome to potential visitors from all corners of the globe," Discover Los Angeles' Don Skeoch … Read the whole story

  • Dear Marketers, Your Future Is Definitely Female

    Secret is not alone in embracing this moment by showing women beyond traditional standards of beauty and feminine roles. And the more brands that … Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Takes Firmer Hold On Digital, Cites Google Partnership

    Nielsen wants to remind digital marketers about its growing relationship with Google and connection to online data. On Wednesday, the company sent a separate … Read the whole story

  • McDonald's Unbranded Campaign Asks Viewers To Google Coke

    The ad series created by Omnicom's McDonald's-dedicated We Are Unlimited agency features four ads that are now posted to YouTube on a channel that … Read the whole story