Marketing Politics Daily Editions for February 2016
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Feb. 15, 2016
Spot TV Is King Of Political Budgets, Jeb, Hillary Are Agency Favorites
Sen. Harry Reid Notes Possibility Of Brokered Convention
Sen. Ted Cruz In Tough Spot After Casting Former Adult Actress In Ad
Cruz Takes on Clinton's Email Scandal in New Ad
Trump Accuses RNC of Illegally Using His Name in Fundraising Emails
How Dstillery Tracked 16,000 Iowa Caucus-Goers Via Their Phones
Rubicon's Novak Takes On Consumer Disrespect, Election As Programmatic Case Study
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Feb. 12, 2016
Clinton, Sanders Spar In 'Great Debate'
Women Explain Why They Like Donald Trump
Sanders Picked Up 2,095 Votes in NH GOP Primary
New Cruz Ad Attacks Trump For Being Sleazy
State Department Ordered to Release All Clinton Emails by End of the Month
Congress Prohibits States From Taxing Web Access
Clinton's Email Ask Goes Viral on Social Media
Canada Conservative Party Spends Big On Ads
Trump Lashes Out At 'NYDN' In Usual Fashion
House Panel Approves New Limits On FCC's Broadband Authority
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016
Mobile Strategy Takes Center Stage In 2016 Race
Sanders Raises More Than $6 Million In 24 Hours Post-NH
What To Look For In Tonight's Democratic Debate
Marco Rubio's Sinking Appeal
Former Clinton Aides Used Private Email Server for Official Business
Cruz & Rubio Continue to Rent Scott Walker's Email List
Politwoops Returns In U.S.
New House Bill Would Protect Encryption On Smartphones
Newspapers Trail As Political News Sources
All Hail Megyn Kelly, TV's Top Newswoman - And From Fox, No Less
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2016
Trump, Sanders Win NH, Political Race Heats Up
NH Primary Day: Mobile Bests Desktop In Calls To Action
President George W. Bush Comes Out Of The Shadows
Presidential Hopefuls Battle It Out In Paid-Search Advertising Clicks
Rubio Blames Debate Performance, Media For Poor NH Showing
Funny Or Die Parody Stars Depp As Trump
Christie Expected To End Presidential Bid
Judge Wants State Department to Move Faster in Clinton Email Release Program
Canadian Politicians Can't Hide Behind Personal Emails
Data Can Reinforce, but It Can Also Surprise
Coming Soon: Big Shift In How Political Marketers Buy Media
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016
Bernie's Artful Smear
First New Hampshire Results Shows A Bernie Lead And 3-Way GOP Tie
Political Exceptional-ism: What Are Buy-Side Mistakes?
GOP Candidates Spent More Than $30 Million Attacking Each Other In New Hampshire
In Advanced TV, Viewer ID Must Remain Sacred
Rubio Staff Profiles NYU Journalism Students
Amobee Analyzes Online Metrics, As Political News Becomes More Interactive
Horizon Media Hatches First Incubator Project: VoterGuru
FBI's Clinton Probe Remains Ongoing
Marketing Politics Daily - Monday, Feb. 8, 2016
ABC's GOP Debate Gets Candidates Riled, Rubio Shows Instability
House Republicans Slam FCC's 'Troubling' Broadband Moves
'FiveThirtyEight' Projects A Trump Win, Strong Kasich Showing In New Hampshire
The Trump-ification Of 2016: The Super Bowl Implodes
'NYT' Tests Slack Election Bot
Yup, Adelson Is Screwing Up The 'LVRJ'
Bill Clinton Takes Aim At Bernie Sanders
Megyn Kelly Will Moderate Fox News Debate In March
Bill Clinton Defends Hillary's Email Server
Marketing Politics Daily - Friday, Feb. 5, 2016
Clinton, Sanders Debate: "Obviously We've Hit A Nerve"
Trump Changes Tone As New Hampshire Primary Approaches
The Top 5 Mobile Marketing Trends for Political Ads
Bush Swings At Rubio Record
3 Ways Mobile Marketing Will Evolve In 2016
State Department Probe Reveals Clinton Wasn't Only State Dept Chief to Use Personal Email
BBC Trust Chair Tells Government To Not Ignore Public Opinion
'NYT' Appoints Lisa Ryan Howard SVP, Advertising
Marketing Politics Daily - Thursday, Feb. 4, 2016
Marco Rubio Looks Like The Establishment Pick
Michelle Obama: How Publishers Can Reach Millennials
The Press Should Be A Watchdog, Not Spinmeisters
Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Bows New Political Party: The Bud Light Party
CNN Hosts Democratic Town Hall The Night Before MSNBC Debate
Sanders Urges FCC To End 'Unfair' Broadband Billing Practices
Email: King Of The Smartphone
Ted Cruz Raises $3 Million Since Iowa
Digital TV Viewers Gain Momentum, But Traditional TV Still Dominates
House Oversight Chairman Wants Formal Email Investigation of Clinton
Neo Nazi Group's Email Hacked
Marketing Politics Daily - Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2016
Latino Vote Skews Younger And Is Growing Fast
Clinton Narrowly Wins Iowa Primary Amidst Email Scandal
Exodus Of Clinton Staffers From Brooklyn Office Heading To New Hampshire
'The Atlantic,' 'New York Magazine' Win Top Ellie Awards
Establishment Lines Up Behind Rubio
Cruz Used Email to Circulate Carson Drop Out Rumor
John Kerry Sent Clinton Email From Personal Account When He Was a Senator
Innocent Founder Warns Of Red Tape 'Insanity' If Britain Leaves The EU
Google's Book Project Harms Freelance Writers, Group Tells Supreme Court
Will Hispanics Watch Super Bowl 50 In Spanish Or English?
Marketing Politics Daily - Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016
The Iowa Surprise: Clinton Wins, Trump Doesn't, Rubio Places
Iowa Political TV: Cruz Airs More Unique TV Spots, Clinton Grabs Most TV Ad Time
Political Spending By Koch Group Hits $400 Million in 2015
Cruz Attack Ad A Boon To 'Bella'
If Politics Is A Blood Sport, Politico Seeks To Put More Skin In The Game
Sanders Raises $20 Million In January
Potty Talk
Kantar Media And 4C Team Up To Target Voters
Quantcast Expands D.C. Office
Email Marketers Have a Ways to Go to Get Mobile Right
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