Marketing Politics Weekly
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
  • All The News That's, Well, Fit: Nielsen Finds Little Negative Impact

    News, even politically charged or "negative" coverage, has little negative impact on brands advertising adjacent to it on a publishers' website. That's the conclusion … Read the whole story

  • Big Surprise Of De Niro F-Bomb: That CBS Bothered To Censor It

    Apparently, the f-word is still capable of giving people a shock -- even in this day and age in which the word is in … Read the whole story

  • President Trump And The Nobel Peace Prize

    Is it possible that President Donald Trump could win the Nobel Peace Prize for his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un? Read the whole story

  • News Organizations Seek Exemption From Facebook Political Ad Labeling

    "Placing news ads in an archive designed to capture political advertising implies that Facebook considers there is a political agenda behind journalism," the News … Read the whole story

  • Trump's Twitter Trade War

    Speaking of the unintended consequences of technology -- which I do, a lot -- Trump is launching a trade war via Twitter. Actually, it's … Read the whole story

  • Will Higher TV Ads, Retrans Fees Meet Bottom-Line Expectations?

    Although TV stations have long adjusted to the ups and downs of two-year ad cycles -- big Olympic/political years versus low periods -- it's … Read the whole story