Marketing Politics Weekly Editions for May 2021
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, May 26, 2021
It's The News Brand, Not Its Content, Stupid
Publicis Integrates 'Disinformation' Ratings Into Programmatic Buys, To Power Public Health Campaign
Florida Prohibits Social Media Platforms From Banning Political Candidates
'Philadelphia Inquirer' Changes Some Journalistic Practices To Become An 'Anti-Racist' Paper
New York's Sweeping Privacy Bill Moves Forward In Senate
Havas Finds Growing Consumer 'Cynicism,' Only 25% Of Brands Even Matter
The Profitability Of Trust
Social Media Platforms Open The Kimono On Content Violations
Advocates Petition Facebook To Axe Plan To Create Instagram For Kids
AP Reviews Social-Media Policy After Controversial Firing
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, May 19, 2021
Coalition Calls On Advertisers To Boycott Fox News Upfront
Cancel 'Red, White & Blog,' Please!
Facebook Seeks Boost From Google's Antitrust Victory
Google Defeats Advertisers' Antitrust Claims -- For Now
Facebook Opposes Class-Action Status For Advertisers Suing Over 'Potential Reach'
Lawmakers Step Up Pressure On Facebook To Scrap Instagram For Kids
Ad Council's COVID Campaign Targets Younger Americans
A Guide To Defying Rainbow-Washing
Is Data Governable? What Firms Are Doing To Ensure Visibility And Control
Biden Backtracks On Section 230
Twitter Fights Government Attempt To Unmask Devin Nunes' Parodist
Biden Administration Dropped Attempt To Unmask Devin Nunes' Parodist
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, May 12, 2021
You Don't Need To Be A Weatherman To Know The Veracity Of Fox News Blows
Contextual Ad Net Begins Filtering Publishers For Fake COVID News, Other Misinformation
McDonald's Joins Massive 'We Can Do This' Campaign
News Media Alliance Pushes Lawmakers To Let Publishers Band Together
Hollywood Is Shocked, Shocked! About The Golden Globes
Judge Won't Block Texas Investigation Into Twitter's Editorial Policies
New Bill Would Require Social Platforms To Establish Content Policies
'Teen Vogue' Taps Versha Sharma As Editor
Bipartisan Bill Would Require Opt-In Consent To Track Teens Under 16
Accused Capitol Rioter's Defense Claims He Had 'Foxitis'
Marketing Politics Weekly - Wednesday, May 5, 2021
Facebook Oversight Disorder By Proxy
Oversight Board Punts Final Trump Ban Decision Back To Facebook, Upholds Initial Access Block
Americans Grow More Divided On Permanently Banning Trump Social Media Access
'Trump' Post-Presidency Brand Value Plummets In Every Category
Trump Launches Online 'Communications' Site Day Before Facebook Ban Decision
Facebook Tells Users Data Is Needed To Keep Service Free
Twitter Launches Campaign To Support Local Journalists
'Washington Post,' 'New York Times,' NBC Walk Back Giuliani FBI Briefing Reports
Biden Is Having A Better Press Honeymoon Than Trump Did
Broadband Industry Challenges NY Law Requiring $15 Monthly Service
Did Fake News On Social Media Exacerbate The Health Crisis?
Sinclair Q1 Distribution Revenues Sink, Ad Revenue Down 7%