Marketing QSR Weekly
Tuesday, May 5, 2020
  • Popeyes, Liquid Death Supports Musicians Sidelined By Pandemic

    Musicians who post their performances of Popeyes' jingle on social media become eligible to be paid for performing in Popeyes commercials. Read the whole story

  • Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With Mexican Food Takeout Or Delivery

    To thank supporters, Land O'Lakes Foodservice and Tabasco will give away fifty-five $55 gift cards. Read the whole story

  • Advice For Restaurateurs In 'New' Future

    For one: Plan ways to handle customer concerns. Establish a thorough, step-by-step safety program for your restaurant. Read the whole story

  • How Long Will It Take Consumers To Again Eat In Restaurants?

    While the bond between people and food will never change, people's relationship with restaurants has. It depends on whether or not they use a … Read the whole story