Wednesday, July 23, 2003
  • Baseball All-Star Game Scores Broadcast Win

    Despite a boost from baseball's All-Star Game, Fox couldn't come out on top in total households or adults 18-49 in ratings data for the … Read the whole story

  • Study Proves Reader Involvement Matters

    There are two simple takeaways from the Knowledge Networks study that was released last month, and most agencies are getting the point: Reader involvement … Read the whole story

  • SpikeTV Announces (New) Launch Date

    It's taken two months and a court battle with a guy named Spike, but next month The New TNN will finally take a bow … Read the whole story

  • Parade Drawing Big Ad Dollars

    Not that it was ever mistaken for anything else among the media community, but Parade has truly been getting its due in recent months … Read the whole story