Wednesday, July 23, 2003
  • Baseball All-Star Game Scores Broadcast Win

    Despite a boost from baseball's All-Star Game, Fox couldn't come out on top in total households or adults 18-49 in ratings data for the ... Read the whole story

  • Study Proves Reader Involvement Matters

    There are two simple takeaways from the Knowledge Networks study that was released last month, and most agencies are getting the point: Reader involvement ... Read the whole story

  • SpikeTV Announces (New) Launch Date

    It's taken two months and a court battle with a guy named Spike, but next month The New TNN will finally take a bow ... Read the whole story

  • Parade Drawing Big Ad Dollars

    Not that it was ever mistaken for anything else among the media community, but Parade has truly been getting its due in recent months ... Read the whole story