Thursday, January 5, 2006
  • Holy Pow! NBC Stations Yield To Pressure, Close Book On 'Daniel'

    TV pressure groups have gotten to some NBC affiliates forcing controversial new drama, "The Book of Daniel," off the air in at least two … Read the whole story

  • Magazine Groups Hire New Agencies To Sway, Well, Agencies

    Lately, it seems magazines have been struggling to get a greater share of mind on Madison Avenue, but on Wednesday the print medium captured … Read the whole story

  • Koppel Discovers New Role

    In a bid to rev up its journalistic bona fides, the Discovery Channel has signed Ted Koppel to host and produce a series of … Read the whole story

  • MTV Shakeup: Scannell Gets Nicked; Herzog Grabs More TV Land

    MTV Networks, the primary growth engine for the new Viacom, has undergone an executive shake-up. Herb Scannell, MTVN vice chairman and Nickelodeon Networks president, … Read the whole story

  • ABC Bowls 'Em Over, Garners Super Sales

    With four and a half weeks to go, ABC's "Super Bowl XL" is in the same strong advertising sales position now that it held … Read the whole story

  • Yellow Pages Get Their 'Nielsens,' Unveil New Ratings Service

    TV's got its Nielsens. Radio's got the Arbitrons. Magazines have their MRIs. Now the Yellow Pages Industry has its YPMRs. The acronym, which stands … Read the whole story

  • Time Inc. Forms People Group

    Time Inc. formally established a new unit dubbed the People Group on Wednesday, and named People Managing Editor Martha Nelson as the group's first … Read the whole story