Wednesday, May 26, 2010
  • Publish2: Another Online Threat To AP

    2010 is bringing more news and information-sharing services that represent a threat to the Associated Press. Most recently, a social network for journalists, Publish2, ... Read the whole story

  • The State of Cable Advertising in 2010

    Even in the face of a sluggish economy and tentative consumer spending, cable advertising is experiencing good year-over-year improvement. Cable provides advertisers with a ... Read the whole story

  • Tribune Stations Air This TV

    As the network becomes Nielsen-rated, several Tribune stations, including WPIX in New York, have picked up THIS TV to air on digital sub-channels. Co-run ... Read the whole story

  • Metacafe Launches Movie Site, Courts Ad Dollars

    The mostly independent film and video site Metacafe has launched a new broader area, Metacafe movies, hoping to grab more of the mainstream movie ... Read the whole story

  • Finales Of Hit Shows Off Season Marks

    More network prime-time shows are not only seeing ratings results down from their finale of a year ago, but down versus their previous week's ... Read the whole story

  • ESPN, ABC 'Celebration' For World Cup Opening

    ABC, which will feature the World Cup final on July 11, will also air an Olympic-style opening ceremonies show in prime time. ABC will ... Read the whole story