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Friday, March 21, 2014
  • HelloWorld Develops 'Seed' Campaign For Scotts, Lowes

    And they're not talking just grass seed either. For many lawn growers its NCAA bracket season as well and the campaign is designed to … Read the whole story

  • Enplug Wins 4A's 'Startup Showdown'

    The real-time interactive digital signage firm impressed the judges and won the popular vote at the 4A's Los Angeles conference as well, although questions … Read the whole story

  • BBH Helps British Airways Restructure Its Marketing Model

    After an agency review, BBH will continue to lead the account. The shop has created a partnership with e-commerce consultancy Seven Seconds to service … Read the whole story

  • AT&T NCAA Tourney To Tout Network

    AT&T is taking advantage of its status as an NCAA partner (and the fact that the Final Four will be played in its Dallas … Read the whole story

  • Mila And Jim, In The Distillery

    "I'll take potent potables 'n strange celebrity brews for $200, Alex." Answer: "The Ukraine, 'That '70s Show,' and Jim Beam Whiskey." The Question: "Who … Read the whole story