MAD Agency Daily
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
  • Aviva Selects Zenith For $145 Million Media Assignment After A Review

    Zenith won a consolidation review for the client's business back in 2010, when a number of agencies at different holding companies handled the account. … Read the whole story

  • Joe Maceda To Lead NA Invention Studio At Mindshare

    Maceda was a cofounder of the Studio in late 2013, working under Cindy Gustafson, who was recently promoted to chief strategy officer for the … Read the whole story

  • Up or Down? Let The Toilet Seat Decide

    An ad from DDB Chicago in Kohler's "Never Too Next" campaign takes place sometime in the future with robots and humans intermingling at an … Read the whole story

  • SoFi Names 360i Digital Media AOR

    The appointment follows the client's unveiling earlier this spring of its first major national ad campaign, "Bankless World," along with the tagline "Don't bank. … Read the whole story

  • Bausch + Lomb's New 'Biotruths' Campaign

    It features humorous videos addressing numerous issues that face contact lens wearers, such as when they binge watch once one too many programs. The … Read the whole story

  • Trust Can Be Speedy - In More Than One Direction

    Organizations that don't trust each other write extensive contracts and establish bureaucracies to ensure compliance, slowing the pace of progress. They're quick to end … Read the whole story

  • Three Golden Rules To NOT Screw Up IoT And AI

    The Internet of things and artificial intelligence, or IoT and AI: two acronyms that are currently dominating everyone's newsfeed, imagination and fears. Both come … Read the whole story