MAD Agency Daily
Thursday, July 20, 2017
  • POSSIBLE's Atchison, Burby Are Joining Data Firm Domo

    POSSIBLE CEO Shane Atchison will become CMO while America's President Jason Burby will join as CCSO ("chief customer success officer"). Read the whole story

  • 22squared Names Agency Veteran Brandon Murphy President

    Current president/CEO Richard Ward shifts to the new role of chairman/CEO. Read the whole story

  • Haagen-Dazs Wants to Redefine Luxury In New Brand Refresh Campaign

    The brand positioned itself early on as luxury item for those with "discerning" tastes.But now it's attempting to reinforce the notion in a new ... Read the whole story

  • One Year Later: How ANA Members Are Addressing Media Transparency Issues

    A new ANA survey has found that a majority of ANA members have taken a wide range of steps to address the transparency issue. ... Read the whole story

  • Is Programmatic Ruining Advertising?

    Programmatic has been the trend over the last five years or so, but is it possible that we may see a backlash against it ... Read the whole story