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Friday, January 19, 2018
  • Mars Puts $1.5 Billion Media Business In Review

    Mars currently has a three-agency structure operating globally across its three business segments and indicated it intends to consolidate the assignment with one agency. Read the whole story

  • Report: Data, Research Key Elements In Winning New Business Pitches

    A new report from Vennli found that only 13% of agencies believe they are winning new business due to the "high value for cost" … Read the whole story

  • Traditional TV Media Buyers Scratch Heads As Google Cracks Down On Unsafe Video

    Agency execs have increasingly used Google Preferred channels to supplement broadcast, cable and national syndication upfront buys. But that level of inventory looks to … Read the whole story

  • AI Won't Be Biggest Thing Since Sliced Bread -- But WILL Change TV Advertising

    To believe that we will all wake up in three years and find that our lives as advertising and media professionals will have been … Read the whole story