MAD Agency Daily
Tuesday, February 27, 2018
  • Toyota, Instagram Provide Glimpse Of Life As A Visually Impaired Athlete

    Several agencies and the Royal National Institute For The Blind collaborated on an Instagram filter designed to convey what it's like to have extremely … Read the whole story

  • Sweeping Reorganization At JWT

    It's the first major management reorganization at the agency since Tamara Ingram took over as global CEO nearly two years ago. Read the whole story

  • StrawberryFrog Wants To Stretch Content Boundaries

    Nicola Connelly, the agency's chief of staff, will lead a new content and design operation called Blueberry Content. At launch, it includes a full-time … Read the whole story

  • Educating Alexa

    When we invited Alexa into our home, we knew she was young: a techno-toddler, just learning how to make her way around the world … Read the whole story