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Tuesday, May 29, 2018
  • Sadoun And His Team On What Drives Marcel

    After working 24-7 to meet the project's 12 month deadline, Publicis Groupe is optimistic about Marcel's potential. There is a method behind all - … Read the whole story

  • Only A Third Of Consumers Opting In To GDPR Compliance

    Nearly two-thirds of Americans contacted on the eve of today's deadline to comply with Europe's new data privacy rules say they have either ignored, … Read the whole story

  • Maurice Levy Has Not Left The Building

    He explains his current role at Publicis Groupe, his thoughts on Cannes and the circumstances leading to his distinguished new look. Read the whole story

  • Don't Tell My Agency But . . .

    An over-focus on maximizing profits has left both clients and agencies "racing to zero," Kelloggs' Clive Sirkin told a VivaTech crowd Friday. "We are … Read the whole story

  • P&G's Effort To Stem Advertising Waste

    P&G Marketing Chief Marc Pritchard told a VivaTech crowd Friday that the CPG giant was bombarding consumers to a point way beyond overkill. That's … Read the whole story

  • How Can The 'LA Times' And So Many Smart People Get GDPR This Wrong?

    GDPR day one. The "LA Times" and "Chicago Tribune" go dark as the UK ignores unncessary privacy updates. Read the whole story

  • Thank You GDPR, My In Box Is Getting Less Cluttered By The Day

    Companies I've never heard of (or haven't paid attention to) are sending me notes saying that if don't respond soon, they'll take me off … Read the whole story