MAD Agency Daily
Monday, December 24, 2018
  • Initiative's Baxter Urging Clients To Boycott Facebook

    In a statement on his LinkedIn account, the Initiative CEO suggested advertisers boycott Facebook until it cleans up its act. Read the whole story

  • Season Finale: Agency Holiday Greetings Roundup

    Donations, gift guides, games, even ways to check the weather are among the latest offerings of creative agency holiday greetings (and not a minute … Read the whole story

  • Lincoln Compares Driver-Assist Tech To Billiards Shots

    "Authentic relationships between brands and great personalities like Matthew [McConaughey] are hard to come by," says Lincoln's Eric Peterson. Read the whole story

  • IPG Units Find Lower Ad Loads Lead To Better Recall On Connected TV

    Consumers believe linear TV has much higher ad loads than connected TV, and it's a big factor in their decision to view connected TV, … Read the whole story

  • Happy Holidays to the Burgeoning Experience Economy

    Retailers that deliver for the experience economy will thrive. Experiences are among the most valued currency today for consumers in pursuit of deep authenticity. Read the whole story

  • No, You Can't Value Facebook At $1,000 Per User

    It's a study perfectly designed for the headlines: researchers at Tufts University paying people to walk away from Facebook. Read the whole story