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Friday, October 25, 2019
  • WPP Shareholders Approve Kantar Sale To Bain

    As part of the deal, Kantar will be spun out of WPP and placed within a newly created 60-40 joint venture with WPP holding … Read the whole story

  • Duncan Channon Taps Johnson For Marketing, Client Engagement Role

    Noel Johnson will be responsible for aligning new business efforts to strategic opportunities that showcase the agency's new integrated capabilities across advertising, media, experiential, … Read the whole story

  • AARP, Ad Council Celebrate 'Sheroes' In Retirement Push

    AARP and the Ad Council are tailoring a new retirement awareness campaign to reach African-American/Black women who are woefully unprepared with their financial savings. Read the whole story

  • Omnicom's Credera Hangs Out A Shingle In The Big Apple

    Management consulting firm, UX and tech solutions agency Credera, part of Omnicom's Precision Marketing Group, has just opened a New York office. Read the whole story

  • Your Value Proposition Is BS

    At the end of the day, it really comes down to delivering on that value. A more accurate term would be to call it … Read the whole story

  • Time To Apply The Same Standards To Politicians As We Do To KFC

    Facebook is driving the train on an ever-lengthening journey away from a shared set of facts. Read the whole story