MAD Agency Daily
Monday, December 30, 2019
  • Tecovas Debuts 'Official Shoe' Campaign

    The D2C boot maker is out with a new campaign that reinforces its positioning as the "official shoe of America." Read the whole story

  • Milk's Challenge: Differentiation Against A Commodity Backdrop

    "It is a staggering consideration that the price of water and milk are at times in the same ballpark," wrote an analyst. Read the whole story

  • Google Patent Describes How Virtual Assistants Show Empathy

    The patent developers believe that the more human a chatbot seems, the more likely a user will converse with it in the future. The … Read the whole story

  • Thriving In A Project-Based Environment

    More work is becoming project-based, as AOR relationships decline. It's been estimated that these types of engagements today only account for 50% of revenue … Read the whole story