MAD Agency Daily
Monday, February 10, 2020
  • Barkley Joins The Dawn Network

    Kansas City-based Barkley will share offices in Dawn's Manhattan location to help foster smooth collaboration while simultaneously expanding the agency's New York presence. Read the whole story

  • Bounteous, Liquid Agencies Grow Via Acquisitions

    The Liquid Agency is sharpening its experience design expertise with the purchase of Vignette and Chicago-based Bounteous is purchasing Wilmington-based The Archer Group. Read the whole story

  • Quote This: New Print-Only Magazine Gains Traction In NYC

    With help from agencies, advertisers and certain "hip" hotels, Quoted strives to become the Interview magazine for a new generation. Read the whole story

  • Super Bowl LIV Illustrates Imperative For Multicultural Brand Strategies

    This Super Bowl, we saw the openly gay female coach in the NFL, two Latina artists headline the halftime show, and the introduction to … Read the whole story

  • UK Will Hold Social Media Bosses Accountable For Content

    Executives are likely to be taken to court if social media companies allow harmful content to remain published. Read the whole story