Mobile Marketing Daily
Monday, July 27, 2015
  • Sony Mobile Starts Drone Business for New Market

    While millions of beacons and sensors get deployed on the ground all over the world, another part of the Internet of Things is going … Read the whole story

  • Tune Acquires Artisan To Consolidate SDKs

    In its third acquisition in a year, mobile marketing platform Tune announced Thursday it was acquiring mobile marketing automation vendor Artisan. Read the whole story

  • Display's Woes Will Fuel Mobile, Native And Social

    It's been a bad week for digital display as viewability dipped to 49% and bots were said to be accounting for half of the … Read the whole story

  • GoPro Cameras Can Stream Video To Meerkat App

    Along with its cool lone-wolf cachet, Meerkat now has another edge on rival Periscope: GoPro. Select owners of the portable cameras can now stream … Read the whole story

  • BSSP Powers Positivity In New Campaign For HTC

    Hating is rampant in social media. Now mobile brand HTC and agency BSSP demonstrate how social media can be more uplifting with the new … Read the whole story