Mobile Marketing Daily
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
  • Facebook Expands Native Video Ads, Interstitials

    Facebook expanded the ad types and formats available to developers in its Audience Network today to include some of their best performing ad units. … Read the whole story

  • App Installation Varies On Monthly Basis

    The cost of convincing consumers to install your app varies significantly from month to month and even from week to week. In January, for … Read the whole story

  • Millennial TV Viewing Strong, Says CBS

    New early research from CBS shows almost one-quarter of viewing of broadcast programs by millennials comes from "sources outside established currency parameters." Read the whole story

  • Appeals Court To Decide Whether FTC Can Sue AT&T Over Throttling Policy

    The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will decide whether the Federal Trade Commission can sue AT&T for throttling wireless users who pay for "unlimited" … Read the whole story

  • Mobile App Or Mobile Web?

    As m-commerce continues to grow, advertisers are focused on providing a better mobile user experience through responsive Web designs, which can eventually translate into … Read the whole story