Mobile Marketing Daily
Monday, September 28, 2015
  • adjust Brings Marketing Analytics To Connected TVs

    With more than half of U.S. homes boasting a connected TV and viewing on streaming devices growing 380% in the first quarter, marketers are … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Gaming: Brand Marketers' Best Kept Secret

    Brands can no longer deny that mobile games offer the best opportunity for them to both reach and engage the mobile consumer. The question … Read the whole story

  • Quixey Introduces Deep View Cards

    Mobile tech company and deep-linking search engine Quixey has launched Deep View Cards. Essentially, the cards enable marketers to insert the function of a … Read the whole story

  • US Hispanics Super Mobile Consumers

    Hispanics are now the most avid smartphone users around. In fact, they are on their phones for more than 14 hours a week for … Read the whole story

  • Q&A: GenY Not As Open To Diversity As Marketers Think

    Kristian May Stewart, SVP, strategy, analytics and research at Commonground/MGS, tells "Marketing Daily" what it may mean for marketers still struggling for the right … Read the whole story

  • Is Direct Programmatic Lining Them Up For Private Mobile RTB Conversion?

    The latest figures could suggest that direct programmatic leads in building awareness while private auctions are taking over at the vital mobile stage. Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Rolls Programmatic Under BrightRoll

    Starting today, all of Yahoo's programmatic advertising technology will connect under the BrightRoll brand to offer advertisers, publishers and partners a suite of tools … Read the whole story