Online Media Daily
Wednesday, January 31, 2001
  • Better Website Audits

    If the site you’re advertising on isn’t using the right audit system, you could be misinformed as to how many eyes are really seeing ... Read the whole story

  • Juggling Your Online Ads

    Ad serving: affordable software can now support the impression volume of large ad networks. Check out AdJuggler. Read the whole story

  • Media Recession? No -- And Don't Blame the Dot-Coms

    Dot-com failures and disappointing earnings are erroneously attributed to ad sales slowdown. Myers Reports' finds greater optimism in ad spending than generally reported. Read the whole story

  • Friends Stretch to Survive

    Tune in to NBC tomorrow night and Friends, the popular 30 minute sitcom will run 40 minutes, followed by a 20 minute segment of ... Read the whole story

  • Will the Real Holiday Shopping Number Please Stand Up?

    Research firms agree that online retail sales during the recent holiday season were the highest ever, but no two agree on a number. Read the whole story