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Wednesday, October 9, 2002
  • ARF: Don’t Touch That Ad Budget

    Tuesday’s session of the Advertising Research Foundation conference in New York addressed the dilemma of cutting ad budgets in tough times. It concluded that … Read the whole story

  • A Solid Month for Mags

    September was one of the most solid months of the year for magazine advertising. Read the whole story

  • Old Favorites Dominate New Season

    The second week of the new season saw the old standbys prevail, with a few new hits thrown in and the continued battle between … Read the whole story

  • Nielsen And Arbitron Vie For Outdoor Ratings Business

    For decades advertisers and agency media departments alike have complained they had no real way of measuring just how many people saw their billboards. … Read the whole story

  • Company Tests Parking Meter Advertising

    What’s Park Place Media’s metric for advertising? The meter. The parking meter, that is. Read the whole story