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Wednesday, October 16, 2002
  • CBS, NBC Battle For First With Fox Batter Up

    CBS and NBC shared the top 10 again in this week's Nielsens, with Fox nudging past ABC for third place in prime average, thanks … Read the whole story

  • Celebrities Drive Recognition of Ads

    The clever use of celebrities helped push Doritos, Payless Shoes and Campbell’s to the top of a survey that tests consumers’ recall of primetime … Read the whole story

  • How Men Use Media

    New Knowledge Networks information about media use by Hispanic, African American, Asian American, and Caucasian men shows sometimes-dramatic differences in their time spent with … Read the whole story

  • ISP Switching and SPAM Continue to Drive Email Address Changes

    A new study indicates that email addresses are changing at the rate of 31% annually, driven by ISP switching, job changes and consumer efforts … Read the whole story

  • Reader's Digest Sees New Readers In The Checkout Aisle

    The 80-old magazine will target the supermarket checkout aisle with a series of 17 special issues focusing on health, food and home content. Read the whole story