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Tuesday, November 9, 2004
  • MSN/AmEx Debut Online Music Hub

    MSN and America Express are seeking young professionals via a new online music hub on the recently launched MSN Music service. AmEx wants young ... Read the whole story

  • Is Honesty Always the Best Policy Online? Marketers Disagree

    Using message boards, blogs, and consumers themselves to market through word-of-mouth on the Internet is effective for now--but not for much longer, unless the ... Read the whole story

  • comScore Unveils New Targeting Platform

    At the Ad Tech conference in New York City Monday, comScore Media Metrix CEO Magid Abraham unveiled a new targeting platform for publishers and ... Read the whole story

  • Large Search Engines More Popular Now Than Last Year

    Web surfers visited the leading search engines more frequently this year than last, according to new data just released by Hitwise. This year, for ... Read the whole story