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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
  • Virals Prove Unpredictable In Eyebeam Contest

    One Web site shows a 30-second video of a man sobbing while he eats fresh strawberries. Videos of a masked man dancing to the ... Read the whole story

  • Cross-Platform Finally Taking Shape

    Integrated media. Cross-platform opportunities. The fruition of Big Media merger promises. Bundled, or in the attempted early executions it was often more like bungled. ... Read the whole story

  • Kayak To Power's Travel Search Engine

    Meta travel engine Kayak and have entered into a two-year distribution partnership, the companies announced last week. Kayak will serve as's "premier ... Read the whole story

  • Adware Maven Investigates Google's Role In Distribution

    Spyware and adware consultant Ben Edelman recently fired a shot at Google, with a post on his Web site looking at the role of ... Read the whole story

  • WorldNow, Monster Strike Local Jobs Deal

    In a deal that will put local classified advertising together with local broadband content, but on a national scale, WorldNow today is expected to ... Read the whole story