Online Media Daily
Friday, October 28, 2005
  • Cooks Up Web Special

    Scripps Networks' plans to debut its first Web-exclusive series, "Eat This With Dave Lieberman," late next month. Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Online Ad Revenues Up

    Microsoft's MSN division posted a 4 percent gain in operating income in the third quarter, to $83 million from $80 million last year. Read the whole story

  • Yahoo! Bows Trip Planner

    Yahoo! on Thursday launched a set of travel planning tools that incorporate consumer-generated content. The service brings together features like maps, photo-sharing, and user ... Read the whole story

  • Anti-Spyware Group Pushes Guidelines

    An anti-spyware group headed by the Center for Democracy and Technology released guidelines Thursday designed to assess how to determine whether programs should be ... Read the whole story

  • MSN To Make Books Searchable

    MSN has become the latest large Internet player aiming to make the contents of books searchable online. Read the whole story