Online Media Daily
Monday, November 28, 2005
  • Traffic Surges At Classifieds

    More than 26.3 million people visited one of the top 15 classified sites in September, marking an 80 percent increase from the 14.6 million ... Read the whole story

  • The Vast, No, Make That Cosmic, Wasteland

    If women think men channel-surf like ADD-sickened, Red Bull guzzlers now, wait until "the new AT&T" delivers on its promise of 1,000 or more ... Read the whole story

  • Centro Pitches Local Ad Buy Alternative

    Centro today is expected to launch its local-online-media-buying service for ad agencies. The company aims to provide ad buyers with an alternative to the ... Read the whole story

  • Video Gamers Create Online Movies

    Lionhead Studios has released a new tool that allows video game players to create their own machinima--movies made by manipulating the characters in video ... Read the whole story

  • Shopping Skyrockets On Black Friday

    More than 17.1 million Web users visited an online shopping site on Friday, marking a 29 percent increase from the 13.2 million Internet users ... Read the whole story

  • A Leap Of Faith

    Can't beat the holiday rush? Here are some smart ways to join it . Read the whole story