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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
  • Marketing Execs Lukewarm On Plan To Pay Searchers

    Marketing executives said they are wary of Microsoft's tentative plan to reimburse online users for using MSN Search to conduct searches, fearing that it ... Read the whole story

  • The Answer Is: When You Grow Up

    Rarely do I get to use a cliché as aptly as I do in replying to the Dec. 6 Online Spin, "Will Online Measurement ... Read the whole story

  • Google Turns To TV Ads

    In a major shift in promotional strategy, Google--which has long eschewed nearly every form of consumer-targeted brand advertising--quietly began running 15-second sponsorship spots on ... Read the whole story

  • Mercora Sells Keyword Ads On Net-Radio Network

    The online radio network Mercora on Monday began offering advertisers a self-service Google AdWords-like ad-selling system dubbed MadWords. Intended for record labels, online music ... Read the whole story

  • HGTV Readies Niche Broadband Sites plans to soft launch a broadband video channel devoted entirely to kitchen redesign on Thursday. HGTV Kitchen Design will feature over 200 streaming ... Read the whole story

  • AOL Founder Accuses Time Warner

    The recriminations flowed Monday from America Online founder Steve Case, as he catalogued a host of ways in which Time Warner botched the management ... Read the whole story

  • Study: Ad Networks' Reach Lures More Marketing Dollars

    Many media buyers and planners rely on ad networks more heavily today than two years ago, according to a new study by ValueClick Media/FastClick. Read the whole story