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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
  • It's Time To Shut Up: How To Read Between The Lines Of Steve Case's Washington Post Opinion

    George Simpson channels his inner Steve Case. Read the whole story

  • Search Use Continues To Grow

    Web users conducted more than 5.1 billion search queries in October, marking a 15 percent increase from June, according to a Nielsen//NetRatings report released ... Read the whole story

  • Yahoo! Creates Original Reality Show For Web

    BOSTON -- Yahoo! has plans to launch a new reality show -- "Wow House" -- on the Internet, a top executive for the online ... Read the whole story

  • Opens Alexa Search Index

    A decision announced Monday by Amazon to open Alexa's indexes and allow developers to create their own search algorithms and Web services could bolster ... Read the whole story

  • Microsoft Partners with MCI For VoIP

    Microsoft Tuesday announced a major partnership with phone company MCI to provide software and services to Windows Live users that will allow computer-to-phone calls ... Read the whole story

  • Study: Stand-Alone RSS Ads See Higher Click-Throughs

    Consumers using RSS readers are more likely to click on ads presented as stand-alone posts than on ads within posts, according to research conducted ... Read the whole story