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Monday, March 20, 2006
  • Financial Services Marketers Increase Online Ad Spend

    Online marketers served 141 billion display ads last month, marking a 2 percent increase from January, according to new data from Nielsen//NetRatings AdRelevance. With ... Read the whole story

  • The War With No Winner

    War has broken out in New Jersey. It doesn't involve mis-checked SAT scores or Tony Soprano, the state's only other notable industry. Read the whole story

  • Brightcove Buys MetaStories

    Web TV upstart Brightcove today is expected to announce the acquisition of MetaStories, a small firm that provides rich-media publishing tools for a variety ... Read the whole story

  • Court: Google May Keep Search Queries Private

    Google late last week scored a partial victory in a battle with the government, when federal district court judge James Ware ruled that the ... Read the whole story

  • Amazon Bows Financial Services Store added financial services to its vast marketplace late last week, with a virtual store sponsored by Fidelity Investments. The partnership puts Fidelity in ... Read the whole story

  • Publishes Ad-Supported Serialized Novel

    Online magazine Slate last week launched a new serialized novel, "The Unbinding," a dark comedy by novelist Walter Kirn that was conceived specifically for ... Read the whole story