Online Media Daily
Friday, March 31, 2006
  • MySpace Censors Content To Lure Marketers

    News Corp. wants to turn Madison Avenue into "ItsSpace," and is aggressively courting blue-chip marketers for its most prized Internet asset. Read the whole story

  • News Analysis: College Authorities Could Trigger Facebook Backlash

    Social networking site, currently riding the wave of Web 2.0 optimism, might soon face a backlash among its college-age users, thanks to college ... Read the whole story

  • NCAA Fully Presses Final Four Online

    CBS and the NCAA have officially pulled out all the stops in their pursuit of Final Four-related broadband video this year. For four hours ... Read the whole story

  • Report: Yahoo Growth To Moderate

    Yahoo will likely continue to capture about 17 percent of online branding dollars this year, but the company faces competitive challenges from Google, in ... Read the whole story

  • eMarketer: Computer-Tech Online Spending To Rebound

    Following a three-year decline, computing products' share of online advertising will stabilize this year, and rise slightly in 2007, according to an eMarketer "Technology ... Read the whole story