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Friday, March 30, 2007
  • Americans Share Some Things In Common With European Mobile Users

    At least when it comes to mobile content that doesn't require fast networks or high-end devices, European and American consumption habits are more similar ... Read the whole story

  • Experiment, But Know What You Want To Get From Virtual Worlds

    A recurring theme at this week's Virtual Worlds Conference in Manhattan was the idea of targeted experimentation--the notion that marketers can only profit from ... Read the whole story

  • Truth In Advertising

    In an enterprising story earlier this week, Brandweek's Steve Miller reported that "General Motors dealers are mad as hell and they're not going to ... Read the whole story

  • Survey: Few Broadband Users Go Mobile For Web Access

    Just 5% of Americans with broadband Internet access are choosing to use their cell phones or PDAs to access the Web, according to Media-Screen ... Read the whole story

  • Big Week For Mobile Ad Deal Announcements

    Despite sluggish consumer adoption, the mobile universe is rapidly being shaped by the efforts of aggressive search companies and advertisers. Read the whole story