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Friday, January 18, 2008
  • Time Warner To Test Pay-Per-Download Plan

    In a move that could reshape the debate about net neutrality, Time Warner will start charging some broadband users access fees based on how ... Read the whole story

  • My Name Is George, And I Am A Media Addict

    Jeff Einstein, who co-founded EASI, the nation's first digital advertising agency in 1984, has collected his thoughts about media addiction (many of which were ... Read the whole story

  • Yahoo, T-Mobile Join Forces In Britain

    Yahoo is teaming up with T-Mobile to serve targeted display advertising on the wireless carrier's Internet service in Britain. The first ads for T-Mobile's ... Read the whole story

  • Google Still Has Uphill Climb In Growing Chinese Market

    Google still struggles with lower user awareness in China, according to consulting firm Pearl Research. China is an important market for Google and other ... Read the whole story

  • Acxiom's New Chief Plans To Focus On Mobile

    Although new Acxiom Corp. CEO John Meyer doesn't officially take the reins until Feb. 4, he already is making plans on how to lead ... Read the whole story

  • YouTube Continues To Grow Video Share

    For all the hype surrounding audience segmentation, YouTube and its parent Google continue to take an ever-larger share of U.S. Web video watchers, according ... Read the whole story