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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
  • Moonves Details Digital Strategy For CBS

    [Earnings] While Web-related financials were typically sparse, CBS head Leslie Moonves did provide key insights into the company's digital dealings during Tuesday's fourth-quarter earnings ... Read the whole story

  • Comcast Paid Shills To Attend FCC Hearing

    [Regulation] The Federal Communications Commission hearing about net neutrality this week was so crowded that police had to turn away an estimated 100 people ... Read the whole story

  • Free Content On Mobile Phones Would Spur Growth

    [Mobile] Hollywood studios and TV networks should provide more free content on cell phones to help seed the mobile audience and promote their offerings ... Read the whole story

  • Clinton Outspent By Obama Online

    [Politics] In spending on online social media and advertising, Hillary Clinton was easily outstripped by Democratic rival Barack Obama. Not a big surprise, given ... Read the whole story

  • Marketing Feedback Cards Go Digital Via Cell Phones

    [Mobile] "Say you're in JCPenney's standing in front of a product you didn't like," says Mimieo's Glenn Allison. "You have a mobile device in ... Read the whole story

  • New MTVN Exec To Generate Dollars In Digital Platforms

    [Gaming] MTV Networks is placing an increased emphasis on generating sponsorship dollars linked with its new virtual worlds and video games. To underscore its ... Read the whole story