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Thursday, July 3, 2008
  • U.S. Broadband Growth Bypasses Poor, African-Americans

    Broadband adoption stalled for poorer families and African-Americans in the last year even as the overall proportion of U.S. households with high-speed Internet connections ... Read the whole story

  • Adify: Laughing All The Way To The Bank

    Some of my clients include the biggest, baddest vertical ad networks in their space. I say this not only as a shameless plug but Read the whole story

  • WPP Offers New Schematic For Watching Olympic Games: Live, On-Demand Web Player

    For its coverage of the Beijing Summer Olympics on on MSN, NBC has enlisted the help of WPP Digital's Schematic unit and it ... Read the whole story

  • Takes Top Spot Among Auto Sites outranked the sites of BMW, Lexus, Ford and even Honda in terms of new car shopper satisfaction, according to J.D. Power and Associates. ... Read the whole story

  • Court Rules Viacom Not Entitled To Google Trade Secrets

    A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Google need not reveal details of its search algorithm or ad platform to Viacom, which had requested the ... Read the whole story

  • Senate's Hearing Prompts Pre-Briefing By BT Critics

    The Senate Commerce Committee's hearing on Internet behavioral targeting scheduled for July 9 has prompted Public Knowledge, Free Press and Center for Democracy and ... Read the whole story