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Friday, May 15, 2009
  • E-Tail Flatline Shows (Some) Signs of Life

    Consumers' resolve to recover wealth lost during the current recession represents the single greatest threat to U.S. e-commerce, according to comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni. ... Read the whole story

  • Freedom Isn't Free

    What a NYTimes' blogger called "big, intrusive, bash-you-on-the-head sorts of advertisements" make all this 'free' content possible. Read the whole story

  • Ad Execs Remain Upbeat On Online Ad Budgets, Display Looks Brighter Than Search

    Advertisers and media-buying executives remain most upbeat about their prospects for buying online versus other media, but their optimism appears to be waning. That ... Read the whole story

  • South Carolina AG: Craigslist Needs To Do More

    Not everyone is cheering Craigslist's decision this week to shutter its "erotic services" listings and replace the category with a monitored "adult" section. At ... Read the whole story

  • Partnership Integrates Offline and Online Metrics

    Omniture and WPP's Kantar Group plan to unveil a partnership Friday that brings together data and analytics gleaned from both online and offline media. ... Read the whole story

  • Google Comes To Crawl

    Google services from Gmail to Google News came to a crawl Thursday. The Apps Status Dashboard points to a problem with access to Google ... Read the whole story

  • Bullish Numbers On Long-Form Video In The Short-Term

    Making the case for long-form video online, Hulu continues its explosive growth trajectory, increasing a whopping 490% in total streams year-over-year, according to new ... Read the whole story

  • FCC Shortens Time To 'Port' Numbers

    Switching phone service is about to get a little easier. The Federal Communications Commission has shortened the period required to "port" the same landline ... Read the whole story

  • Android Store Adds Barcode Scanning App

    Google has integrated barcode scanning capabilities into Google Product Search for mobile phones running Android in the United States and the United Kingdom. The ... Read the whole story