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Thursday, May 21, 2009
  • By Any Screens Necessary: TV, Internet and Mobile Viewing All Up (But Mobile's Way Up)

    Thanks to "strong" brand marketing and major media events like the Presidential inauguration, the Super Bowl and the NCAA's college basketball finals, online video ... Read the whole story

  • Embracing Transformative Content Creation Models

    "May you live in interesting times," goes the ancient Chinese blessing. But for many in the media industry, it feels more like a curse. Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Looks Outside To Smarten Smart Ads

    Yahoo Thursday announced a new program to partner with outside ad technology companies to bolster its Smart Ads platform and to extend the customized ... Read the whole story

  • Direct Mail Doomed, Long Live Email

    After making quick work of print newspapers, and the Yellow Pages industry, "The kudzu-like creep of the Internet is about to claim its third ... Read the whole story

  • SearchIgnite Gets Wise To The Information Supply Chain

    The latest iteration of SearchIgnite's media management platform should put marketers more in control and assist in allocating budgets across multichannel campaigns. The move ... Read the whole story

  • McAfee Launches Cybercrime-Fighter Web Doc

    For many, the thought of identity theft is an abstract -- something that's out there but may not happen to them. McAfee, maker of ... Read the whole story

  • Craigslist Not Taking AG's Threats Lying Down

    Craigslist has filed a lawsuit against Henry McMaster, the South Carolina Attorney General who warned company officials that he would haul them into court ... Read the whole story