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Friday, May 22, 2009
  • Microsoft 'Kumo' Hot On Paid, Multimedia, Semantic Search

    As Microsoft readies the release of Kumo, some industry insiders wonder if new features in the company's long-anticipated search engine will come a little ... Read the whole story

  • Why Pay Retail Wholesale?

    Yield management has come to baseball. According to reports this past week, the San Fransico Giants are experimenting with software that weighs ticket sales ... Read the whole story

  • Occam's Razorfish: When Is a Closing Not a Closing?

    Don't call them "closings," but Razorfish has decided to nix offices in Boston, LA, Portland and Ft. Lauderdale, a company spokeswoman confirms. During a ... Read the whole story

  • Happy Memorial Day

    The editors and reporters at OMD will be happily barbecuing away on Monday, May 25 and as such there will be no newsletters sent ... Read the whole story

  • Search Wrong On 'Idol'

    So much for search volume as a pop culture predictor. Based on the level of search activity leading up to the American Idol finale ... Read the whole story

  • NebuAd Defense Does Way More Than Rest

    Defunct behavioral targeting company NebuAd didn't just spur complaints by lawmakers and privacy advocates. This week, NebuAd's defense lawyers filed papers with the federal ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Fights Latest Phishing Scam

    Facebook was hit with another round of phishing attacks Thursday, cluttering members' inboxes with messages attempting to send them to sites to steal their ... Read the whole story

  • Digital Radio Ad Spending Surges Amid Medium's Downturn

    Amid an apparent implosion in its terrestrial broadcast marketplace, radio is experiencing a digital boom. Total radio advertising declined 24% to $3.430 billion during ... Read the whole story

  • Kiptonic Now Basks in the Limelight

    Hoping to offer clients new monetization opportunities, content delivery company Limelight Networks has acquired video ad insertion firm Kiptronic. Financial terms of the deal ... Read the whole story

  • Videos Driving Consumers To Cars

    Consumers look at online videos to get a better picture of cars, read product reviews, learn more about safety ratings, get a feel for ... Read the whole story