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Tuesday, May 26, 2009
  • Google Connects Offline Behavior To Digital Marketing

    While car sales declined for the majority of the brands in the first quarter of 2009, search queries rose on Google. "We now understand ... Read the whole story

  • Inks Deal With A&E, Alters Venerable Logo For 'Tattoo' Site Takeover

    One of the most storied brands in the history of media, TV Guide, will add a new chapter Wednesday with a day-long home page ... Read the whole story

  • Yahoo and Advocates Request Ruling Revision

    A coalition of digital rights groups is warning that language in a recent federal appellate ruling about Yahoo "threatens significant mischief" to other Web ... Read the whole story

  • Telecoms Dialing Up Online Spend

    In the first quarter, online display ad spending by telecom companies increased 50% to $255 million from $170.5 million in the year-earlier period, according ... Read the whole story

  • Subscribers Hold Broadband Provider Accountable for Slow Service

    Two California residents have filed a potential class-action lawsuit against satellite broadband provider HughesNet for allegedly advertising higher speeds than it delivers. They also ... Read the whole story

  • Three Young NBA Stars Connect With Fans Online

    When Dwight Howard, basketball player for the Orlando Magic, wants to thank fans for supporting the games he gets on Twitter and tweets to ... Read the whole story

  • OpenX Closes $10 Million Series C

    Open-source startup OpenX Technologies Tuesday is expected to announce closing a Series C financing round worth $10 million, and led by DAG Ventures. DAG, ... Read the whole story